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Vaporizer and Its Types

Posted by Ovale USA on

Unsure of the type of vaporizer that will work best for you? For those who are new to vaping, deciding which vaporizer  suits their specific needs can be very daunting. The good thing is that, one can make decision than simply taking a smart approach.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about vaporizer to help you choose the best one much easier.

Vaping Options

  • Oils and Wax

Waxes and oils are used for aromatherapy. However, they can also be utilized for vaping.

  • Dry Herbs

Dry herbs are dry blends of either tobacco or herbs. This option must be ground right before use for highly satisfying results

  • Combinations

Unlike other options, combination models provide the vapers with higher level of flexibility to vape with waxes, oils, or blends. Most of the time, an additional accessory or attachment is necessary to add the wax or oil vaping capability.

Desktop Vs. Portable

Majority of vapers who only want to enjoy their legal dry herb blends at the comfort of their home choose desktop vaporizer that simply plugs into the wall outlet. They agree that this model is more powerful and is capable when it comes to creating thicker vapor. Meanwhile, those who want to utilize vape while they are on the go prefer the portable vaporizer. This type of vaporizer is lighter compared to desktop models. Moreover, this is also smaller, thus making it much easier to carry. It can be operated without the need to be plugged into the wall, which in turn eliminates the need for cords.


  • Bag or Balloon Vaporizer

This vaporizer mainly transfers the vapor to balloon or bag that inflates. After that, vapers can inhale directly from the bag or balloon.

  • Whip Vaporizer

Whip vaporizer on the other hand utilizes a small device, which consists of vinyl, silicone, and glass wand tubing along with a mouthpiece in order to pull the vapor out.

  • Dual Vaporizer

This vaporizer provides the users the flexibility to use a whip or fill a bag or balloon.


  • Flame Vaporizer

This vaporizer is heated with the use of an ordinary lighter. Since this type of vaporizer is not costly and is very simple, vapers can expect a thinner vapor. This is also lesser efficient compared to other types.

  • Butane Vaporizer

This type of vaporizer is heated with butane, which is also the same fluid usually found in lighter. In this type, users will have to fill the butane regularly to vape.

  • Battery-Powered Vaporizer

This vaporizer is considered as the most efficient model, since most of these models utilize rechargeable batteries. Some models also utilize disposable batteries.

These are just some of the most important things you should know about vaporizers that would help you choose the best one that matches your unique needs. 

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