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Top 5 Most Common Vape Problems

Posted by Ovale USA on

The world has begun to embrace electronic cigarettes as alternatives for tobacco cigs because of their lesser known negative effects. Although a lot of people in the country opt for vape cigs, there are still circumstances which will leave you wondering why you even bought one. Here’s a rundown of top 5 most common electronic cigarette problems.

        1.  Odd Taste

Strange taste is usually due to lack of e-juice in your cartridge or the e-liquid did not find its way to the atomizer. As result, there is a burnt taste when you inhale. To prevent this problem, put more juice to the liquid and allow it to settle after every refill. This can also be a sign that the coil has worn out due to constant use.

        2.  Gurgling Sound

There are times when your tank makes a gurgling sound which causes you inconvenience. It can be due to overflowing e-liquid and leaking into your air holes. Always clean your device and remove excess liquid. See to it that the tank is not overfilled.

        3.   Not Enough Vapor

There are many potential causes of this vaping problem. Maybe you need to add e-liquid with a higher VG content to produce the vapor. It can also be that your device is not that powerful to produce the vapor that you expect. In most cases, you just need to recharge your battery.

        4.  Charger Malfunction

This happens most of the time. Sometimes it is just because of a dirty battery terminal. Other times, it is caused by the vaper trying to use chargers which are not intended for the device. To prevent this problem, make sure to practice battery hygiene and safety. You should not mix up the chargers for your electronic devices. Each charger is designed for specific devices so do not let your devices share.

        5.  Leaking Clearomizer

It is a big discomfort to have a juice leak in your vape pen. There are different reasons for this issue. It can be because of an overfilled tank so just put a right amount. Also, check if there’s e-juice in air hole for it might be the leak. Be extra careful in filling you tank to prevent spills.

These are just some of the common problems faced by vape users. They can be a bit stressful but they don’t hinder consumers from using electronic cigarettes. Still, there is a continuous increase in the population of electric cigarette users all over the world.