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The Vaping Revolution Continues

Posted by Ovale USA on

While some are still weighing its effects, more than half of the world’s population nowadays enjoys vaping. Surveys say that consumers find e- cigarettes more convenient to use than traditional tobacco cigs. As the community begins to embrace e-cigs, studies have been made to tell the world what these products are capable of.

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarette is used as substitute for tobacco smoking. It is the new version of traditional cigarette where people inhale and exhale vapor from e-liquids through personal vaporizer. The general compositions of e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) or combination of both and nicotine. Creating its unique savors are the natural or artificial flavours added to these substances. The vapor looks thicker than smoke of normal cigarettes but disperses quicker into the air leaving only good scent.

Why do people vape?

Vaping is considered as a safe alternative to smoking. A research of the American Heart Association finds vaporizers less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes and can also help people quit smoke. People can also have access to nicotine while vaping, but not in the same concentration as that of traditional cigars. In addition, e cigarettes do not discolor your teeth nor give you bad breath.

Those who prefer to quit their dependence to smoking would use vapes. One reason is the availability of the products. Unlike regular tobacco cigs, vaping paraphernalia cannot be purchased in any small stores in the neighborhood. However, as commercialization continues, it is getting easier to purchase these products, though not as available as tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco cigarettes cost much more than vaporizers. People who use e-cigarettes say that they can save almost 25% of their weekly expense on their smoking habit.

Harmful chemicals can be found on both products, but tobacco cigs contain a lot more of them. Having known their major components, people are just like choosing the lesser evil of the two.

Bottom line

It’s not long enough when E cigarettes are embraced by society, so we cannot yet fully determine the consequences that come with them. Despite the good benefits that they offer, it is not guaranteed that vaporizers are safe for public use. We still have to wait for few more years to be able to identify its long term effects.

And since we cannot prevent the increasing number of vape users around the globe, it is advised to take extra safety measures on the use of these products. Most importantly, vapers should only go for high quality vaping products.