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The Safety of Vaping

Posted by Ovale on

The safety of vaping is a topic that receives much discussion. Has the act of vaping been directly linked to a death? No, not in the same way smoking cigarettes has. Has vaping been the cause of accidents? Yes. There have been random accidents reported, such as a man in England who had to go to hospital after an E-cigarette leaked burning nicotine into his lung, These incidents are so few and far between, that ultimately if we want to ask the industry “is vaping safe?” the answer is yes.

Even more so when it is compared to smoking cigarettes. The common denominator when it comes to the comparison is going to be nicotine. The great thing about vaping is that you can choose the level of nicotine you consume. E-liquid is available in different nicotine strengths. There are low, medium and high strengths.

You can even vape with no nicotine if you choose! This is great for consumers who vape simply to satisfy an oral fixation or miss the habit of smoking. Statistically, the majority of people start vaping so they can taper off smoking cigarettes.

Even if they start off using the highest strength of nicotine, people tend to taper down to lower levels. This helps them break the addictive nicotine habit and can assist in a person becoming nicotine free after time. This shows that vaping is a safer habit to have when compared to cigarettes. It does not cause lung contaminating tar, or suffocating carbon monoxide and there are few toxins in second hand vape smoke.