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Ovale Study and regulation of electronic cigarettes

Posted by Ovale Usa on

In May 2016 the food and drug administration told consumers that federal regulations for e-cigarettes were going into effect. Here at Ovale in Florida, we wanted to explain what happened. First of all, there is still no debate that vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes. However, the FDA now regulates e-cigarettes the same way they do regular cigarettes. Consumers have to be over 18 to purchase such items and can expect to be carded.

The changes will be felt more by the producers of e-cigarettes, who now have to show the FDA what ingredients their products contain. Manufactures will also have to register with the FDA and go through a long safety review process including supplying all their manufacturing details and whatever evidence the FDA asks for. All information that is given to the FDA will be reviewed, but sellers of e-cigarettes have two years to sell their items and another year while the FDA reviews their information.

This action has made public health advocates happy, but people who work in the e-cigarette business hope this move doesn’t draw consumers to traditional cigarettes which pose too many risks to health. Plus these regulations will cost e-cigarette manufacturers more money, but with confidence in their products, none are panicking about their products getting passed by the FDA. So, consumers don’t worry, your favorite flavors and products will still be available for consumption, just with safety and age restrictions.