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Ovale Different flavors for your vaping pleasure

Posted by Ovale Usa on

One of the great things about vaping and e cigarettes is that the producer and consumer have more control over the product that is made, and then chosen! Traditional cigarettes would come in varying nicotine strengths, but limited flavors. Each brand of tobacco of course had its own distinctive taste, leading consumers to choose one over another, and of course there is always the menthol option, but that’s it! Vaping allows the producer to invent, mix, blend and produce thousands of different types of flavors.

This allows consumers to have a fantastic choice selection and more freedom to choose what their taste buds will enjoy! A consumer can choose from any fruit flavor, sweet flavors such as bubblegum or custard and various other deserts. Some of the newest flavors on the market mimic popular flavors of coffee drinks found at coffee chain stores across the country and even cigars. No matter what your personal preference is, there is a flavor to suit you.

If your local vape shop blends their own flavors, the blender may be able to customize your own flavor blend just for you. Remember, the flavors created contain so many less toxic chemicals when compared to traditional cigarettes. This means you can feel good about the choice you made to vape instead of smoke, and know you are being kinder to your body and health. In the long run, vaping continues to be much safer than smoking.