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Health Benefits of Vaping – Ovale

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If you enjoy smoking and consuming nicotine, vaping allows you to do both with little health risks especially when compared to traditional cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco has been the subject of many studies and there is little detectable risk for disease. Obviously, it will take time for long term studies to be produced, but it is safe to say that vaping when compared to cigarettes produces fewer toxins and chemicals. This is due to high quality ingredients that are carefully controlled during the production period.

There are fewer chemicals in E-liquid than cigarettes, so the risk for potential harm is small. There is no risk associated with second hand smoke either, as there is with cigarettes. Vaping does not produce smoke or residue, therefore vaping in public does not have the potential to cause health risks to others.

The other positive side to vaping, is that consumers are in control of the amount of nicotine they consume. If they are trying to break the habit, they can start with a high nicotine product and then over time, gradually incorporate E-liquid that contains less nicotine. When the time is right, some consumers may go completely nicotine free and simply vape to satisfy an oral fixation. Vaping is a proven way to help people stop smoking cigarettes and therefore live a healthier life.