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5 Common Vaping Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Posted by Ovale USA on

Just like with anything new, it takes time to be familiar with vaping. Beginners definitely make some wrong moves along the way. But worry no more! Here, let’s go through a rundown of 5 common mistakes when buying or using a vape.

       1.  Buying a Poor Quality E-Cig

Investing in a poor quality e-cigarette is the worst mistake you can make regarding your vaping experience. Using low quality e-cigs is not recommended because they don’t work properly, susceptible to leaks, and often have dangerous batteries and devices. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to shell out a fortune for a good e-cig. There are available good e-cigs out there that come at a decent price.

      2.  Vaping with a dirty coil

The coil in your ecig doesn’t stay clean forever. A dirty coil can affect the taste of e-juice which can lead to a less satisfying result. Hence, be sure to clean your coils regularly and swap them out whenever necessary.

      3.  Poor Maintenance

E-cigs provide several benefits, but with poor maintenance, you won’t enjoy a good vaping experience. Many beginners fail to observe proper maintenance of their e-cigs, causing them to buy a new equipment more than necessary. To get the most of your e-cigarette, be sure to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

      4.  Ignoring nicotine content

Ignoring nicotine content can lead to comical and disastrous results. Keep in mind that e-juices are not only available in wide range of flavors, but in a variety of concentrations as well. Taking in too much nicotine can be an extremely unpleasant experience, so be sure to ingest what you can handle

      5.  Using the same e-juice for very long

Using the same e-juice provides diminishing results over time. As you get more used to a single flavor, it becomes less palatable. Maximize the enjoyment of vaping by trying switching up e-juices occasionally.

Do you think you are now ready for vaping? Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll enjoy it!