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Facts About Vapes

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Cigarette smoking is considered extremely dangerous among many users. However, a large population of people cannot resist the pleasure of cigarettes. They continue to smoke in spite of laws and advisories concerning the potential dangers of smoking. That’s why the increasing number of smokers is still an issue until today.

Fortunately, a new hope for safe smoking has arrived. Thanks to the invention of vapes. Chances are you’ve been exposed to myths and misinformation about vapes or vaping. To be informed, here’s a list of facts about vapes.

  • Vapes are also known as “Electronic cigarettes”. It was introduced to United States in 2007.
  • Ecigs are tobacco-free and are actually “vaporizers”. While typical tobacco is intended to be burned, E-cigarettes simply heat up the liquid content to create vapor, hence its name.
  • The -liquid is composed of propylene glycol, flavorings, and additives.
  • Vapes are composed of Lithium battery, liquid-filled cartridge and vaporization chamber. There’s no need to carry a lighter wherever you go. As you puff the vape pen, the battery will power it automatically. While some users choose a “rechargeable battery, others use refillable ones.
  • The LED light turns red or to a certain color if the device is successfully powered. No tobacco burning means that there is no smoke and odor emitted.
  • E-cigarettes reduce the risk of cancers and respiratory problems. These products have lesser chemicals than typical cigarettes.
  • Indeed, vapes are safe alternative to smoking. However, it does not mean that any vaporizer and vaping accessories work well for you. There’s a huge range of vaping products on the market and you’ll have to choose one that fits your needs and experience level.

Whether you are new to vaping or you’re a seasoned vaper, it’s always best to use quality vaping items. Shop at Ovale USA for high quality atomizers, batteries, e-Cigs, eliquid, and other vaping paraphernalia. 

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