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Proven Effective Ways to Make Vaping Safe

Posted by Ovale USA on

What are the risks associated with vaping? Is vaping safe? These are just some of the most common questions asked by skeptics. Perhaps, vapers out there share the same thoughts in mind about the ways to make vaping safe.

So, if you want to keep vaping without putting yourself at too much risk, use these tips to make vaping as safe as possible.

Vape Less Often and Utilize Higher-Nicotine Juices

Consuming lesser nicotine per ml is now the trend. On the other hand, some vapers are getting more e-liquids each day. Sub ohm vaping gets the vapers more vapor and a much stronger hit. When combined with high quantities of PG along with a lot of nicotine, chances are this could make vaping unpleasant.

Stop Cloud-Smoking

Remember that the more vapor you inhale, the more risks you will get. Vaping is safer as compared to smoking. If vaping helps you avoid smoking cigarettes, then you must vape in the best way that works for you. As much as possible, reduce the amount of vapor you inhale in every puff. This is one great way to keep vaping safe.

Do Not Inhale When You Vape

Unlike cigarette smoking, when vaping, the nicotine is absorbed through the mouth and upper throat than the lungs. This is the main reason why the rise in the level of blood nicotine right after vaping is much more comparable with a nicotine patch than cigarettes.

Vape Unflavored Juices

Vapers may agree that flavors are among the biggest parts of what make vaping more exciting and enjoyable. However, the risks of inhaling those flavorings are also a huge potential unknown from vaping. Therefore, it is advisable to vape unflavored juices or simply make your own juice. This way, you can control everything that goes into it.

Utilize Temperature Control Mods

By limiting the temperature the coil can reach, one can prevent the coil from reaching higher temperatures it does especially during a dry puff. Take note that when the coil’s temperature reaches the preferred limit, the device reduces its power or stop firing until the temperatures drop.

Do Not Dry-Burn the Coils

Dry burning is when pressing ‘fire’ without inserting the coil and no e-liquid. Most vapers dry-burn coils in order to check them for a fair distribution of temperature, to clean the residues from past use, and to compress the coils for the contact coils. However, when you do this, the temperature is likely to get higher, which in turn can affect the metal’s structure.

There are just some of the effective ways vapers can try to make vaping safe. Upon following the ways above, vapers can expect highly satisfying results, without compromising their health and safety.

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