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Cigarette Smoking

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Over the last century, people’s view on cigarette smoking has dramatically changed. Cigarette smoking was once considered good for one’s health, and enjoyed by many people all throughout the world. It was even promoted by popular people and advertised all over the radio and television. However, these days, smoking is considered as an addictive habit that can kill not only the smokers, but also people around them.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about cigarette smoking you should know.

Smoking can affect both women and men differently.

Women and men might face risks differently. For instance, women who smoke cigarettes increase their risk of having uterus and cervix cancer. If they take birth control pills and smoke at the same time, their risk of having stroke is heightened, too. For male smokers, low sperm count and fertility problems become even more common.

Smokers have to try quitting many times before they completely quit their habit.

In terms of quitting, smokers must get ready to try all over again. It really takes several tries to quit smoking. Both relapses and setbacks are parts of the process. Always consider every setback as a lesson learned. Make every slip-up a source of courage and wisdom. Relapses only become a bad thing if you do not learn anything from it.

There is no exact way to quit cigarette smoking.

Each person is unique and varying methods of quitting will appeal to different individuals. Multiple methods are available to choose from. Go to your doctor and learn the different quit-smoking options you can try. Try some of them right until you find what method works best for you.

Cigarettes have more than 4,000 cancer-causing chemicals.

Even though nicotine does not cause cancer, many chemicals are produced in cigarette smokes. These chemicals can cause cancer and can harm the body. Those chemicals released by cigarettes include tar, formaldehyde, benzene, cyanide, and carbon monoxide. Smokers inhale these chemicals into their lungs and release them into the air.

Positive attitude can help when quitting smoking.

Avoid punishing or criticizing yourself especially if you have some weak moments. Beating yourself up makes you feel bad. As a result, you will want to smoke even more. Do not spark emotions in yourself, as these are natural causes for your cravings.

Smokers do not have to quit smoking on their own.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task to do. However, it can be less difficult if you will try to include the support of your friends, family, counsellor, or your doctor. Having a support system will make you feel you have someone to turn to. Supporters can be there to help get your mind off smoking.

The effects of cigarette smoking are endless. And people must understand that smoking kills. One best way to avoid the effects is to stay away from cigarettes. The activities to control cigarette smoking should be handled with care. Cigarette smoking among the young must be given emphasis, since it is a more vulnerable section of population. 

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